3 Great First Cars


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Taking ownership of your first vehicle is a momentous occasion. Your first step is to secure car finance in Cape Town, or Johannesburg or Durban or wherever you are in South Africa ? and because this is easy to do online, it is quite achievable. The difficult part is choosing from the many great first car options available.

What Should You Look For In A First Car?

When looking to purchase your first vehicle by applying for car finance in Cape Town, you should consider:

  • Safety
  • Fuel economy
  • Insurance costs
  • Ease of driving and parking.

These days, such features as ABS, electric windows, central locking, air conditioning, and airbags come standard with recently manufactured vehicles. Affordability is an important factor. Smaller models are easier for new drivers to handle and more cost-effective; it makes sense to go for a compact first car.

To work out exactly how much car finance you can afford, you need to calculate your disposable income, taking into account future running costs for your vehicle. You can do your calculations on an online affordability calculator. Alternatively, contact Carfin for expert assistance with getting the best car finance in Cape Town or nationwide.

Check Out These Cars

We have listed three great first cars along with the features that put each vehicle on our list.

  1. The Nissan Micra 1.2 Visia is compact but well appointed. It claims a fuel consumption of 5.2 l/100 km and a turning circle of just 9.3 m curb to curb, making it economical and easy to drive. At under R150 000, this micro hatchback offers great value for money and is an excellent buy on a budget.
  1. The Hyundai i10, another hatchback, makes the list for being well equipped and with five doors, able to seat four passengers in relative comfort. There is ample space for luggage in the back. The Hyundai i10 retails at around R160000. Its smart design and fuel efficiency make it a favourite first car worldwide.
  1. The Toyota Yaris1.0 five door hatchback, at under R200000, makes a great choice for a first car. It delivers on style and comfort without compromising on safety and security. While small in dimension, its engine is not short on performance making it an affordable commuter vehicle.

While it may be difficult to decide which of the three vehicles above makes the greatest first car, what is easy to decide is how to go about getting car finance in Cape Town.

Great Car Finance in Cape Town

Apply for car finance at Carfin and make one of these great vehicles your first car. You will need a copy of your ID, driver?s license, and payslips for the past three months proving that you earn at least R6 500 per month.

Carfin is your trusted vehicle finance solution provider and has the knowledge and resources to guide you when it comes to securing the best car finance. Apply today and enjoy the exciting adventure of owning your first car.

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