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Camping is a great South African tradition. You can?t beat relaxing around a bush fire under a vivid night sky filled with stars. If you?re an advocate of camping well-equipped and in style, you can easily apply online for caravan finance from Pretoria or anywhere in the country. Caravanning allows you to enjoy being at one with the great outdoors without having to sacrifice your creature comforts.

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Glamping With Caravan Finance In Pretoria

If you find yourself asking: “Is a tent enough; shouldn?t I rather get a caravan?? the answer is: “Join the glamping trend by applying for caravan finance in Pretoria today.” The British coined the brilliant term: glamping, a portmanteau of glamour and camping, and it exactly describes the contemporary caravanning scene. Today?s caravans come equipped with loads of luxury features like 100l water tanks, fridges, freezers, ample drawers, wardrobes and cupboards, fitted sheets and curtains, LED lights, hydraulic plumbing and even gas geysers.

Old School Comfort

With the world going retro, caravans are making a big comeback in the camping arena. While some argue that caravanning is complicated, it can actually make your camping life less hassle. A caravan allows you to keep all your regular camping gear in place ready for your next trip. All you need to do is keep your caravan tidy, keep essentials like gas bottles and water tanks topped up, and replace any broken or damaged gear. Then fresh groceries are all that?s required when you get the urge to getaway. Just attach the caravan to your vehicle?s tow bar and you?re set to go. Get camping today with caravan finance from Carfin in Pretoria.


Another advantage of the caravan is the relative security it offers when compared with a tent. Once you?ve reached your destination, you can park the caravan, and lock and leave it when you want to go exploring in your vehicle. A caravan also affords protection from the elements, and with portable chairs and tables it is equally easy to set up outside for meals and sundowners. It is these features in particular that make a caravan the perfect family camping solution.

Form and Function

Features galore, however, are no replacement for functionality. When you choose your new caravan be sure it can handle the type of terrain you plan on visiting, and check it has the ground clearance and tyres to handle off-road trips if those are on the travel cards. Remember your caravan will need the occasional service, as well as insurance and annual licensing and registration, so be sure to factor these costs in when you apply for caravan finance in Pretoria.

Caravan finance from Carfin in Pretoria is geared to take the hassle out of securing the best possible caravan financing solution for you. The experienced Carfin consultants ensure that the finance application process is smooth and simple. Before you know it you?ll be hitching your new caravan to your tow bar and camping under the stars.

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