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Can I Lower My Car Installment?

If last years comfortable budget is not as comfortable this year, you may find some wiggle room through car refinance in Durban. South Africans face budget woes from many corners of the economy, especially price increases in fuel, electricity and groceries. Carfin understands that their valued customers are subject to unexpected life events that bring […]

Time for a Vehicle Upgrade?

Vehicle finance in Cape Town is easy when you apply on line with Carfin. There are calculators on their website to help you figure how much you can afford to spend on a new vehicle and what your monthly instalment will be. You want to get the best deal possible and can help to […]

Is It Affordable? See For Yourself

If you need a new vehicle yet aren’t sure that you can really afford it, our vehicle finance calculator can give you the answers you want. It’s based upon the figures you input, so gives you an accurate representation of what you’ll be paying back every month. It will also indicate the total amount that […]

Need A Bigger Car For The Lift Club?

Affordable and tailor-made car finance in Pretoria can help you get the bigger car you need to make the most of your lift club duties. One of society’s most practical innovations for transport challenges in recent times is the lift club. Their popularity is growing right across South Africa. If you have an old, unreliable […]

Junior Wants A Bike For Christmas

When you’re looking for a perfect Christmas present, Johannesburg bike finance can help you buy the gift that will really bring a smile to your son or daughter’s face. Let’s face it, as our children get older finding an ideal present for them gets more and more difficult. Just because they’ve reached their late teens […]

Does Your Expanding Company Need More Delivery Vehicles?

Are you looking for Durban vehicle finance to extend your company’s reach? Expanding your business’ delivery service is a conscious and careful business decision that requires a lot of planning and support. Do you remember how, right at the beginning when you started your business, you followed a research process before jumping into it? Expansion […]

Caravanning Fun for Retirees

If retirement has you dreaming of your own caravan, check our caravan financing deals in Pretoria. Retiree caravanning is fun and an appropriate reward after years of hard work. Some retirees do not want to take care of a big house once the family has moved on and their working days are over. They have […]

Touring The Cape By Bike

Are you looking for bike finance in Cape Town so that you can tour the Cape? If you’re from up-country, the best bit about owning a motorcycle, especially a big cruiser, is heading down to the Cape for a taste of freedom and adventure. The Cape Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places you […]

Granny Needs Smaller Wheels

If you are concerned for the safety of the older driver in your family, and think it’s time they upgraded to a more suitable vehicle, the solutions provided by Carfin car finance in Pretoria may just be the lifeline you need. The rate of aging is obviously an individual process and determined by more than […]

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