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This is the story of how to restructure your vehicle finance in Bloemfontein. Now, a similar story could take place anywhere in South Africa, but Bloemfontein sets the scene. The hero of our story is Carfin – a top vehicle finance company in South Africa, and the antagonist is the weakening Rand. The reasons to take a relook at your finances could be many and varied but not unusual in today’s struggle to make ends meet.

Restructure your vehicle finance in Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein vehicle finance restructure is the solution, but now for the problem – all stories have a problem, how else is the hero going to earn his title? It could be that your son was caught in the cross-fire during student demonstrations at the University of the Free State and unfortunately, his car was one of the vehicles that ended up being burned. The beauty and serenity of the “city of roses” was not reflected in the chaos which ensured.

Sadly, more than the car went up in flames, so did any hope of getting the household budget to balance each month if you are to purchase another car. But what about the services offered by Carfin? By restructuring your present vehicle financial arrangements, you could well be able to afford to replace your son’s wheels.  

In Bloemfontein, you can restructure your vehicle finance

Carfin’s efficient and friendly consultants will explain how to restructure your vehicle finance in Bloemfontein. It might be something like this:

  • Say the terms of the finance loans for your family car was 5 years – and repayments are well into their third year – there would be equity to be realised!
  • By refinancing the balance outstanding on your existing vehicle loan, the capital repayment will be greatly reduced.
  • This lesser amount can financed over 4 years, which will significantly reduce your monthly repayments.
  • This means that you could have the extra ready-cash each month to pay for a student car.
  • The Carfin consultant will deal with the banks on your behalf and ensure that you receive the best possible deal.

Juggling the budget is hard enough as, not only are we paying more for every commodity and service, there are few opportunities to find extra income. We all enjoy a happy ending to our stories.  With the help of Carfin you could restructure your vehicle finance and find that extra monthly income you need.

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