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Tighten Your Belt with Car Refinance in Cape Town

If you are considering car refinance in Cape Town then choose Carfin for the best solution. The Carfin Group practically invented vehicle refinance in South Africa. They are the leading finance company with many lenders from which to choose. Carfin offers the convenience and customer service busy people expect. Wherever you are in the country, […]

Stop Dreaming! Just Refinance That Vehicle!

Restructure your vehicle finance and save your dream. You bought the caravan for the freedom of holidays in your favourite scenic locations. True, money is tight. Some financial experts recommend selling everything you can live without when you have trouble making ends meet. Carfin does not subscribe to that philosophy when it involves vehicles. Maybe […]

Who Said It’s Hard To Restructure Your Car Finance In Durban?

It is not hard to restructure your car finance in Durban. It may be very difficult to refinance in some places but South Africa has Carfin Group and they make it easy. Do you have a vehicle less than ten years old? How is your credit rating? We will assume you have a valid driver’s […]

Get Extra Cash in Pretoria

Restructure your vehicle finance in Pretoria if you want extra cash. The South African economy has made tightening our belts necessary for most citizens. However, the time comes when you just get tired of working hard but still telling yourself “no” for even small luxuries. Is it time for a dressed-up evening out or a […]

Vehicle Refinance? Give It Your Best Shot! Apply Online

Many South Africans considering vehicle refinance may be unsure about whether they qualify. They also have no idea how much lower their monthly payment would be. You could make the effort of going into a lending establishment and filling in a long refinance application. Your application might be accepted. However, you will never know if […]

Gauteng’s Best Kept Secret: Vehicle Refinance

Many are unaware of vehicle refinance in Gauteng. They are familiar with the initial financing of a car because that is how most people afford to buy cars. The Carfin Group is the foremost company in South Africa for financing solutions. When they introduced the option to restructure financing, many thousands of vehicle owners responded, […]

Who Wins When You Restructure Your Vehicle Finance?

When you restructure your vehicle finance in order to improve your life, you win. Consider, for instance, that you are a young South African professional tired of roommates. You dream of having a kitchen and bathroom all your own. You fantasize about lying on your couch listening to your music. If you had your own […]

Access Your Hidden Cash

South African refinance pioneer, the Carfin Group, will help you restructure your vehicle finance to access hidden cash.  Maybe your cash is so well hidden you do not even know you have it. If you made big payments every month so you could pay off your car loan in three years, you have hidden cash. […]

How Will You Pay For That Tuition?

South African parents, you have good reason to restructure your vehicle finance. Your reason is standing before you, exuding enthusiasm for adding an honour year to their university plans. You believed it would be over in three years and you have been counting down the days. However, when your child shows such ambition and desire […]

When Did You Last Have A Holiday?

You could restructure your vehicle finance to pay for a holiday. Some might think that is a frivolous statement. In truth, it is not frivolous at all. South African car owners may derive greater benefits from a holiday than using the money elsewhere. That is especially true for those responsible, hardworking people raising families and […]

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