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Who Needs Vehicle Refinance…And Why?

Many South Africans could utilise vehicle refinance as a solution to their individual monthly financial shortfall. Refinance is a financial tool that converts a non-liquid asset, a car, into a liquid asset like cash. You cannot pay your bills each month with your car, but you can pay them with the cash from your car! […]

It’s Time to Restructure Your Vehicle Finance in Gauteng

How do you know when it is time to restructure your vehicle finance in Gauteng?  Here is the first clue; you have more money going out in expenses each month than you have coming in. Additional clues might include calls from debt collectors, sleepless nights and applying for a second job since you can’t sleep […]

Find Out if You Qualify for Vehicle Refinance in Cape Town

You may be considering vehicle refinance in Cape Town but dread the possibility of your lender saying you do not qualify. What do you do next? Should you keep filling out applications from one lender to the next in the hope one of them will approve? That whole process is like a temporary part time […]

Who Does Vehicle Refinance in Durban?

Carfin does vehicle refinance in Durban. They do not just refinance cars but motorcycle and caravans as well. Carfin is the leading and most innovative refinance company in South Africa. Carfin was already a well-respected vehicle financing company when they again led the way by offering the option of refinancing. As more and more South […]

Ooops! Is Vehicle Refinance A Mistake?

Vehicle refinance with Carfin is so easy that you may start worrying that there is a catch.  Surely there must be some small print that you have missed somewhere that will trip you up in the future?  It seems incredible that you can refinance your vehicle, perhaps even at a better interest rate than your […]

3 Reasons Vehicle Refinance Makes Sense Today

Vehicle refinance is a sensible solution for South Africans who find themselves stretched too thin financially.  People work hard and pay their bills. Each month they see living expenses creep up a little more, eating away at their income. They cut back where they can to stay even. However, one emergency expense can flip their […]

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