July 2018 | Carfin


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South Africans – 4×4 Fanatics

It is no secret that we as South Africans love our ‘bakkies’. Be it from the trusty Bantam ‘Bakkie’ to your heavy-lifters like Rangers, Hilux and Navara, the ‘Bakkie’ is synonymous with South Africans. We at Carfin were wondering why that is? Sales of these utility vehicles dominate the sales chart thus far in 2018. […]

New Vehicle Sales Improving

A few months ago, with the increase of various tax and VAT, South Africans were concerned how that would impact our ability to buy a new car. Would car finance repayments still be manageable? Would new vehicles be affordable? Most of us expected a steady drop in new vehicle sales. NAAMSA has, in fact, discovered […]

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