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Carpooling isn’t a new concept to many drivers. Many of us wish we could simply be the passenger or share the long waits in traffic with someone else. However carpooling has never been popular in South Africa until recently!

There are now a few apps, such as Jumpin Rides, CarTrip, uGoMyWay and FindALift that help connect passengers and drivers all over South Africa. The classifieds are also becoming a more and more popular place to find carpooling buddies.

Carfin wanted to know the Pros and Cons of carpooling to help our readers make an informed decision!

Pro: Share the frustration. Why sit and steam in traffic alone? Having someone there to help ease the stress with a joke or an encouraging word can turn someone’s day right around.
Con: You may be stuck with a ‘chatty-Cathy’ or someone who revels in awkward silence.

Pro: Give your car a break from wear-and-tear. Not having to use your car every single day will save a lot of money on annual services and tyre usage.
Con: Someone else’s car could smell a little strange.

Pro: Less cars on the road. Instead of 4 cars on the road there will only be 1 for every 4 people, if done correctly. For example, let’s say there are 1,000 cars on the road, 600 of those are single occupant cars, and they all get together and start carpooling. You reduce that 600 to 150. Leaving a total of 550 cars on the road! Less cars, less traffic, less carbon emissions! Saving the environment 1 ride-share at a time.
Con: You have to rely on other people’s time management. This is tricky. If 1 person is running late that can domino into everyone being late. How will your boss take “Sorry I was late again, Susan couldn’t find the green pumps.”?

Pro: SAVE PETROL. With the apps, and even if you go the organic way, petrol is shared. That could reduce your monthly petrol bill significantly! Who wouldn’t want that, especially with the price of petrol being over R16/l.
Con: Your insurance might not be happy with you. If you are only getting the cost of petrol back then most Insurance companies will be fine with it. As soon as you start turning, albeit small, a profit they will see your car as being used for business purposes and not personal. That would require a different insurance package, and in some cases a special permit.

There are many Pros and Cons. The Pro’s out-weigh the Con’s in a lot of aspects. We do suggest the following before you sign up though:

  • Check with your insurance if they’d be okay with your car being used in a carpooling scenario.
  • Rotate cars used. Using your car all the time, unless you’re a rep or need to drive around during the day, will not save your car from wear-and-tear.
  • Stipulate your car’s rules and enforce them. It doesn’t matter how petty they may seem, your car – your rules. If you’re allergic to Red Door perfume or dry heave at the smell of garlic, state it as a rule.
  • Plan ahead. It defeats the purpose of carpooling if you need to drive 50km in the opposite direction to pick up Carol. Try plan your pickups on your route or request they are dropped off or meet up at a more convenient point.

If you would like to learn more information about carpooling or perhaps apply for car finance to get in the carpool game, feel free to contact us and one of our expert consultants will help you. Or apply online now and get approval in minutes!

Perhaps now you can buy that SUV or luxury BMW with all the money you’re saving on petrol!

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