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With August being Women’s month Carfin was wondering, what cars do women love to drive? What do women look for in a car? Must it be fast? Big? Zippy? We asked around and found the following 5 cars are amoung the favourite with female drivers.

  1. Toyota Fortuner

This SUV is definitely a favourite, not only with female drivers, but with all South Africans! It is sturdy and reliable! You can load kids, suitcases, pets and groceries all in 1 go. The 4×4 capabilities allows drivers to navigate off-road or some roads that seem like off-road. It makes woman feel safe and can easily go from ‘soccer mom’ to ‘business executive’.

  1. Volvo XC90

Volvo has always been best known for safety. Women, especially moms, find safety and Ncap ratings very important. Volvo also has ISO capabilities making the installation of a car chair all the more easier.

  1. Mercedes Benz A-Class

This is a fantastic car for all sorts of drivers. Women love that it’s small and zips through traffic, making getting from meeting to meeting, or errand to errand, seem less like a chore. Mercedes is world renowned for their quality and luxury.

  1. Range Rover Evoque

Who doesn’t love a Range Rover? It’s sleek and sexy and can make a statement. It also easily transports kids, pets and even significant others. Even though it is a ‘luxury’ item, women deserve it!

  1. Volkwagen Polo

This is a favourite in terms of units bought and sold. Women love this hatch back! It’s affordable, easy to drive and VW has a phenomenal service track record.

Do you agree with our list?

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