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Untit 21 and 22, Lombardy Business Park, C/o Lynnwood Road and Cole Road 0181 Pretoria,,
Phone: 0861 227 346

What's our mission?

Our Mission at Carfin is to educate our clients with regards to the finance options tailored to their needs and financial wellbeing. We strive to achieve this with the integrity and honesty where are clients are treated as valued individuals instead of just a number.

Carfin aims to be an industry leader and has achieved this by hiring highly trained staff complemented by the latest technologies to make your experience at Carfin quick and stress free.

George is the owner of Carfin. He has a passion for business and ventured in many industries.
George Simitopoulos


With over 20 years of business as an entrepreneur he has been able to make use of past experience and knowledge to grow from strength to strength and prides himself as being the pioneer of vehicle re-finance in South Africa.

The Vehicle Finance Specialists

Due to the increase of record new vehicle sales of the last financial year, it is simple math that there will be an increase of used cars in the South African market.

Further research has detected that due to oversupply of secondhand car trade-in’s, car values have been forced into a decline. This reiterates the need to support the private seller’s market! Supplying both the buyers and sellers an A-Z basket of simple vehicle finance solutions. (Quick, easy, efficient and legit!)

A Few of Carfin’s Services

  • Centralised national call centre by highly trained sales staff.
  • Fast and Effective Online Vehicle Finance Application which ensures pre-approval under 15 seconds.
  • On site FAIS accredited Business Managers who offer advice and support per telephone or on line.
  • Accredited service providers to manage Multi-Point checks and issuing of Roadworthy Certificates.
  • On-line Credit check to potential buyers using banks platform in order to speed up the purchase process for pre-approval.
  • Financially approved services provider giving both the buyer and seller peace of mind about the legitimacy of the transaction.
  • RWC and Registration.
  • Added products like, insurance and warranties.
  • Dedicated joint ventures with banks to handle fast and efficient transactions.
  • The ability to negotiating the best possible rate to buyers in the private sale market.
  • Apply for car finance online.

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