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Carfin offers two financing options for motorbikes; which includes the Standard Hire Purchase Agreement and the Residual Purchase Agreement.

Standard Hire Purchase

This is a contract between you and the bank, linked to prime interest rate and a fixed term. Once you have paid off the monthly premiums, at the end of the term, the car will be fully settled and you will retain full ownership of the bike.

For more info feel free to contact the Carfin Call Centre @ 0861 227 346


Residual Purchase

This is when a vehicle is purchased and a percentage of the loan has to be repaid at the end of the term as a balloon payment. The residual payment amount will depend on the age of the vehicle and the number of months the repayment is scheduled over.

For more info feel free to contact the Carfin Call centre @ 0861 227 346



We have all been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis in some way and we’re aware that many of you are worried about your financial situation.

At Carfin, we’ve been thinking hard about how we can help you through this international crisis and our team have come up with a simple solution that immediately saves you money and loosens your financial strain!

Why don’t you refinance your vehicle?


Benefits of refinance are massive

  • Get a lower rate
  • Reduce your monthly instalment
  • Monthly payment holiday
  • Refinance your balloon/residual value
  • Fix your interest rate


Finance FAQ

We act as the go-between for you and the buyer, using our experience and expertise to finalize the sale as efficiently as possible.
• We make sure theta the car you are buying is legitimate. • We also shop around to get you the best rate. • We handle the all the admin pertaining to purchasing the vehicle.
We are not able to quote a rate until an application has been submitted as the rate is based on your risk assessment.
• Previous track and credit record. • Type of asset.
They do a credit check to establish your historical payment conduct.
You can purchase an asset privately or through a dealership.
Unfortunately we will not be able to assist with finance for a vehicle older than 10 years.
A private sale is the sale of an asset either a vehicle, motorbike or caravan between tow private individuals. There is no dealer involved.

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