Can I Get Car Finance In Pretoria?


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If you are living in the area, and planning to buy a new set of wheels, part of the process will probably require you to apply for car finance in Pretoria. Are you planning to trade in your existing vehicle or do you want to settle an already financed vehicle while financing a second ride? Either option requires you to consider a number of factors when seeking car finance.

4 Top Tips When Applying for Car Finance in Pretoria

Save yourself valuable time and effort by ensuring you meet all the criteria for car finance before you begin the application process. Here are some tips to bear in mind when applying for car finance:

  1. Earning Power

As with other financing products, the proof of your suitability as a loan candidate is in your paperwork. A primary influence will be your earning power. To establish if you are eligibility for finance:

  • you need to earn R6500 or more per month,
  • you will need to present three month?s payslips, or
  • if you?re self-employed, six month?s bank statements are required.
  1. Documentation

In compliance with FICA regulations, you will need to

  • produce proof of your address – an electricity and water account or a lease agreement that is no older than three months will suffice,
  • have a current South African ID book or card,
  • be in possession of a valid driver?s license,
  • have a clean credit record that demonstrates you are a responsible borrower.

This will definitely help you secure the car financing you seek.

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  1. Car Shopping

Once all your paperwork is in order, you are ready to go vehicle shopping. To qualify for car finance your chosen vehicle has to meet certain criteria:

  • Most importantly, it should be no older than ten years.
  • Some vehicle finance providers may insist that the car has at least a six- month warranty remaining on it.
  • If this is not in place, an additional warranty could be required.
  1. Extra Costs

Acquiring car finance in Pretoria is an increasingly popular choice when it comes to buying a vehicle. It means you don?t have to have the lump sum. It softens the financial burden of such a major purchase. There may be additional costs not covered in the initial price, such as

  • licensing and registration, service, delivery, and warranties.
  • As with any other asset, insurance is an important consideration and may be a compulsory contingent of your car finance agreement.

Clarify these points with your vehicle finance provider to prevent unwelcome surprises.

If you?re looking for the cream of car finance in Pretoria, be sure to check out Carfin, South Africa?s number one independent vehicle finance solution providers. You can consult Carfin at their head office in Silver Lakes or online via their website.

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