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If last years comfortable budget is not as comfortable this year, you may find some wiggle room through car refinance in Durban. South Africans face budget woes from many corners of the economy, especially price increases in fuel, electricity and groceries.

Carfin understands that their valued customers are subject to unexpected life events that bring financial hardships. We want to be part of the solution.

Five Reasons for Car Refinance in Durban

Refinance in Durban with Carfin is by far a better solution than struggling with your current payment and falling behind.

1. You can lower your monthly payment freeing up extra funds each month.

2. When you refinance, the new payment schedule may start a month or two later allowing you to skip a payment or two giving you time relief and immediate cash.

3. Sometimes, you may be able to refinance at a lower interest rate, which will lower your monthly instalment.

4. By refinancing your car over a longer period than your original finance agreement, each instalment will be lower. Your original agreement may have been for 36 months. It is sometimes possible to refinance for 60 to 84 months, lowering you monthly obligation considerably.

5. Refinancing to lower your monthly instalment to a manageable amount can help protect your good credit rating.

Financial Troubles Seep into All Areas of Your Life

You may have heard it said that when you have money troubles, you have trouble everywhere. That means that an unexpected financial obligation can disrupt your whole budget and lifestyle if not immediately resolved. Perhaps, car refinance in Durban is just the solution you need.

? You will have more money available each month.
? You do not have to give up your car, which would open a new set of problems.
? You avoid more budgetary chaos caused by trying to juggle multiple financial duties.
? Your unexpected financial obligation gets resolved.
? You avoid the personal and family stress that accompanies financial trouble.

Good Reasons to Refinance with Carfin
Carfin is the leading independent auto finance provider in South Africa. Independence equals flexibility to find the best solution possible for our customers. We work with many different banks to find you the lowest interest rate.

We save you time. Our online application service provides convenience and means you do not have to go from bank to bank seeking the best financing arrangement for your car. When using Carfins online credit application, you will receive an immediate response.

Our business managers are all FAIS accredited and available to answer your questions either by telephone or on line.

The next time you encounter a potential budget busting financial problem, consider car refinance with Carfin. Do not wait until your financial problems begin to multiply, apply online with Carfin and initiate a solution quickly and conveniently. Call Carfin on 0861 227 346 for car refinance in Durban or visit online at

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