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Untit 21 and 22, Lombardy Business Park, C/o Lynnwood Road and Cole Road 0181 Pretoria,,
Phone: 0861 227 346
What services do we offer?
We make sure that the car you buying is legitimate. We also shop around to get the best rate for you. Help with the admin process.
Where do I need to purchase my vehicle?
You can buy your vehicle privately or through a dealership
Can CARFIN finance vehicles older than 10 years?
Unfortunately we will not be able to assist

What is a private deal?
A private vehicle sale is the sale of an asset either a motor vehicle, motorbike or Caravan between two private individuals. There is no dealer or supplier involved.
Does Carfin only finance pre-owned cars?
We are able to assist with new and pre-owned vehicles
What does Carfin do?
We act as the go between for you and the buyer, using our experience and expertise to finalize the sale as possible.

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