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What is Car Refinancing? Quick answer – Refinancing is a product from Carfin where you can save by lowering your monthly vehicle installments by financing the outstanding amount over a longer period of time.

However, there are many reasons to look at vehicle refinancing. Whilst the majority of people only look at refinance when their current financial situation changes and they need to save money stat! You may find yourself in a more positive financial position and this may lead to you wanting to pay off your car sooner, in order to be free of that debt faster.

Then why refinance and not just pay more than your monthly installment? To save money! By refinancing your current vehicle loan in order to pay it off faster, you save on interest. But wait! There’s more! By using a reputable refinancing company to negotiate your new car finance, you may be able to get a lower interest rate. That is a massive saving.

The important factor to remember is that if you are considering refinancing your car because of financial strain, it is advisable to get on it as soon as possible and not wait.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with refinancing your vehicle, you will need to confirm the current loan amount as well as the balance owed. You will also need to source the current vehicle’s details, such as VIN number, Model and Year (Your vehicle registration documents will have all the information you may need, pertaining to the car).

Now you just click here to apply online with Carfin! Fast, easy and simple. No standing in queues. No printing out pages and pages of documents. Not only is the application process speedy but so are our responses. We will let you know in minutes if your application has been approved and we will contact you for all the other information we need.

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