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Times are tough folks! Never-ending electricity price hikes, fuel prices which are just getting higher and the monthly food bill is moving in the same direction. Need we mention school fees? Sadly, our salaries don’t seem to be moving at the same rate. Sometimes they don’t seem to move up at all!

With all this going on, more people are searching for ways to ease the financial burden, without having to let go of what they have.

Imagine the stress of having to sell the family car because you just can’t afford to make the monthly repayments. Even worse – imagine it was repossessed! How would you carry on without the very tool that you use to get to work and take the kids to school?

Do you have any strategies in place to ease the financial burden?

We have a plan to buy you some breathing room in the months to come? Don’t let things get to a crisis point where you may have to say good bye to your car. Before you panic, think about restructuring your vehicle finance.

What is vehicle refinancing?

If you are battling to make ends meet come month end and debit order time, Carfin has a solution. By restructuring your vehicle finance with us, you will save money immediately and every month.

The solution is simple. Restructure your vehicle finance! You can lower your monthly instalments by financing the current outstanding amount over a longer period. You may even be able to qualify for a lower interest rate. How amazing does that sound?

How do you restructure your vehicle finance?

Carfin offers an exciting refinancing product that provides a financial solution for you. It is simple and sensible. You get to keep the car that you currently own and pay less for it each month! Say goodbye to worries about giving up your car, struggling with a cheaper car, a smaller car or even worse, having to use unreliable public transport. You will still be able to get to work and kids to school with ease and comfort. Your lifestyle doesn’t have to change when restructure your vehicle finance with us.

If you are keen to see if you qualify to restructure your vehicle finance, complete the online form for vehicle refinance at Carfin will guide you through the process, step by step. If this sounds like the solution for you, go now. Don’t hesitate!

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