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If retirement has you dreaming of your own caravan, check our caravan financing deals in Pretoria. Retiree caravanning is fun and an appropriate reward after years of hard work.

Some retirees do not want to take care of a big house once the family has moved on and their working days are over. They have found that time spent enjoying life becomes a higher priority. Some retirees will sell their homes and move into a flat or small home so they can be free to caravan. South African temperatures are favourable for caravanning 75% of the year. So what are you waiting for?

Caravan Finance in Pretoria Will Make Your Dreams Come True

This is not the time to let costs hold you back from having fun.  Let Carfin help you find finance for a new or used caravan, with payments that fit your retirement budget. Maybe you have always loved caravanning but your old caravan has seen better days? Now that you have retired, you would like a larger more luxurious caravan so you can live in the mountains or near the shore for weeks at a time. What fun! Carfin can make that happen for you.

Caravan Clubs Travel the Nation

There are many Caravan Camping Clubs throughout South Africa. They offer a wonderful opportunity to get together with like-minded people. You will get the opportunity to know your own country with nation-wide caravanning. A camping and motor home club will affirm your interest in the environment, fishing, hiking or campfire book club.

The opportunity to meet interesting people and form new relationships is an added bonus.  Awesome times await you that you would never experience sitting at home. Caravanning is a physically and mentally stimulating lifestyle for older adults as it t is so beneficial to stay active.

A Good First Step

Begin your plan for financing a caravan in Pretoria by using tools available at Carfin to find out what you can comfortably afford. You will find our rates are competitive and doing business with Carfin easy. They want to help you stay within a price range, which is comfortable for you and still pays for a caravan that will meet your needs.

5 Other Benefits of Caravan Finance in Pretoria

  1. You may not need a down payment or a deposit. The payments will be higher, but Carfin can attempt to arrange financing with no up-front costs.
  1. You may be able to choose a fixed rate of interest so your payment stays the same no matter if interest rates fluctuate.
  1. Sometimes a linked rate of interest is more affordable. Your payment will fluctuate with interest rates but you benefit when rates are low.
  1. Standard hire purchase is the most common form of caravan financing in Pretoria. Monthly payments extend over the financing term so the caravan is yours when the term ends.
  1. You may have reason to prefer the residual purchase form of financing. Small monthly payments during a set term with one large final or balloon payment at the terms end.

Once you know how much you can afford to pay for your caravan, Carfin will pre-qualify you for caravan financing in Pretoria. Call Carfin to put you in a position to make the best possible deal to purchase an approved mobile home.

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