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Have you heard of vehicle refinancing? What’s it all about … and can it help to ease your financial situation? There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to face the facts. Often the facts aren’t very pretty. Like the time you realised that this is as tall as you’re ever going to be; or when it dawned on you that shoulder pads just make you stand out, and not in a good way … even with the best retro-swagger and big hair to match.  Sometimes the facts are even less than pretty; they’re downright ugly. Like now, when the rand sliding and expenses are rising and the new year means new school uniforms and new textbooks and … and … and….

Vehicle Refinancing and You

What’s a person to do when you’re faced with costs that are rising so fast and so steep that it feels like your salary is shrinking each month?  And it’s not as if you can lean on anyone, because your family, friends and neighbours are all in the same boat.

And it’s not as though you can offload your expenses – you still have to live somewhere (which means rent or a bond repayment), you still have to eat, and you still need your car. Without your vehicle, your life could become so very inconvenient. At least, with the car, you can be part of a lift club, you can get the kids to school and back on time (with all their projects and school bags and sports equipment and friends coming over for a play date),  and you can visit your faraway parents every now and again. So, even though it seems a terrible strain on your monthly budget, the car has to stay.  What if a little bird whispered in your ear that you can keep it … and ease the financial pressure at the same time?

And besides, even in the face of all these troubles, some things remain magnificent. Like racing stripes on gleaming bodywork; or shiny alloy mags; or the luxury of a leather interior … let’s face it, you love that car! It would be more than a pity to lose it.

Have you Heard of Vehicle Refinancing?

Have you heard of vehicle refinancing? This is an easy – and perfectly legal – way of reducing the amount of your monthly installments. When you refinance your car, you will be able to meet the monthly premium and so there will be less chance of you missing a payment and landing up with a bad credit rating or, worse still, blacklisted by the credit bureau. Where can you find out more about refinancing your car? You can do it online, from the comfort and privacy of your couch at or desk at work. Go to the Carfin website – you’ll find everything you need right there.

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