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Many are unaware of vehicle refinance in Gauteng. They are familiar with the initial financing of a car because that is how most people afford to buy cars. The Carfin Group is the foremost company in South Africa for financing solutions. When they introduced the option to restructure financing, many thousands of vehicle owners responded, taking advantage of the opportunity to improve their own personal cash flow. These people used the extra cash to pay off credit card debt, take a holiday, pay for the kid’s tuition and make home repairs. They gave themselves some breathing room and released a lot of stress. In one way or another, refinancing their vehicle helped them close a gap in their budget. Can you do the same?

The Formula That Works For You

Vehicle refinance in Gauteng is a simple solution. You financed X amount when you bought your vehicle. Since that time, you have made monthly payments. Now you owe less … but your payments have stayed the same. Take the balance due and refinance it over a longer time. The result is a lower monthly payment. You just took your current finance agreement and restructured it. Now you have extra money each month to use for other expenses.

The cost of living in South Africa continues to go up. If your income has not kept pace, your car payment, once affordable, may be difficult to pay during these times.  The same applies if your vehicle is a motorcycle or caravan.

Carfin for Vehicle Refinance in Gauteng, South Africa

Carfin has a user-friendly website that their clients appreciate. The website has all the information to help you apply for refinancing online. You can start by using their calculator to find out how much you will be refinancing and how much lower your monthly payment will be. Their consultants will receive your electronic application and find the best lender for you from the many with which they work.

To qualify you will need a good credit rating, a valid driver’s license and a minimum income of R6500.00 per month. You vehicle cannot be older than ten years and you will need its paperwork handy. Vehicle refinance in Gauteng might be the financial solution for which you have been hoping. 

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