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Restructure your vehicle finance in Pretoria if you want extra cash. The South African economy has made tightening our belts necessary for most citizens. However, the time comes when you just get tired of working hard but still telling yourself “no” for even small luxuries.

Is it time for a dressed-up evening out or a holiday? Is it time to throw out that raggedy sofa and buy a new one? If it has been ages since you had a spa day, went to a concert or played a round of golf you are probably ready to explode those financial restraints. There just might be a way to get what you want! Carfin can help.

How Much Extra Cash?

You could restructure your vehicle finance in Pretoria if you have a car, truck, caravan or motorcycle. The amount of cash you realise from the restructure depends on a few variables. One is if you are still making payments on the vehicle or if you now own it outright. If you are making payments, you refinance the balance due and spread it over a longer time. That will lower your monthly payments freeing up extra cash each month. How much cash depends on how much you still owe as well as the amount of your current payment. You can receive cash by financing your paid vehicle based on the value.

Restructure Your Vehicle Finance and Break Free!

Go to Carfin and use the calculator on their website to see the amount for which you qualify. You get cash and still keep your vehicle. That is a good deal!

We humans need to be good to ourselves occasionally. We need a little of our own time and money. It does not have to be anything extravagant but even that gets difficult. There is always a line of people wanting our time and money. For the most part, South Africans give to their families and pay their bills. They work hard and donate time and money to good causes. Put yourself on the receiving list for a change and restructure your vehicle finance in Pretoria.

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