Granny Needs Smaller Wheels


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If you are concerned for the safety of the older driver in your family, and think it’s time they upgraded to a more suitable vehicle, the solutions provided by Carfin car finance in Pretoria may just be the lifeline you need. The rate of aging is obviously an individual process and determined by more than the number of candles on your birthday cake. One cannot ignore the inevitable influence it has on a person’s physical abilities and the susceptibility to injury.

Car Finance in Pretoria and the Older Driver

When you consider the following factors that come into play for older drivers, it becomes clear that the type of car they drive could make all the difference between life and death. By applying for car finance through Carfin, you can adequately address  the specific vehicle requirements for your granny or grandpa.

4 Factors to Take into Account

  1. Flexibility:

When choosing a suitable and safe vehicle for granny or grandpa, bear in mind that physical shrinkage, and limited flexibility when getting in and out of a car, are common issues faced by older drivers.

  1. Size Matters:

Physical shrinking can also mean granny needs to move her seat closer to the steering wheel just to reach the pedals. This is all very well until the airbag is deployed in an accident when being too close to the airbag can be a cause of injury, or even fatality, in and of itself.

  1. Co-ordination:

Other age-related factors that determine an older person’s driving ability are a decline in fine motor co-ordination; cognitive skills and muscle strength; failing eyesight; osteoporosis; and long-term medications.

All these factors impact on an older person’s ability to react quickly enough in a crisis and make them far more vulnerable to injury if they do impact another vehicle or object. The older the driver is, the greater the risk of severe injury or fatality if they are involved in a vehicle accident.  This is reason enough for you to contact Carfin in Pretoria today to enquire about finance for a safe, suitable new car for granny.

To address the increased risk of accidents and resultant injuries inherently associated with older drivers, many vehicle manufacturers are actively developing vehicles with features that address the physical limitations and vulnerabilities of this particular group of drivers.  Features such as power-adjustable pedals; the ability to easily adjust the seating position and mirrors; buttons and controls that are comfortably in reach and clearly labelled; and a telescoping steering wheel to prevent airbag injuries all add up to a safer vehicle for an older person to drive.

If you want peace of mind knowing that granny has a safe ride that she can comfortably handle, contact Carfin in Pretoria today to enquire about car finance. Carfin is the leading provider of vehicle finance and refinancing solutions and now offers an online application form to make the process of pre-approval easy and convenient.

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