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Car refinance in Durban may be just the lifeline you are looking for!  Finances could be looking tight and there is still a lot of month at the end of your money.  Prices are going up.  Again.  The global economy is not looking that good, and the local economy is even a little more dismal.  It is easy to get disheartened and anxious, but you will be amazed at how just a few changes can make things a little easier.  Before you know it, the good times could be back.

How about refinancing your vehicle?

Have you heard about car refinance in Durban?  It is the kind of innovative thinking that has put Carfin in the forefront of their industry.  The concept is easy.  Once you have paid back some of the money owing on your car finance agreement, you can refinance your vehicle with Carfin.  

This means that you take out a new agreement on the remaining amount that you still owe on the vehicle.  In effect you are taking out a new agreement for a lower amount, over a longer time.  And what does that mean? It means lower monthly installments.  In turn that means you will be reducing the amount you need to spend on this big household budget.  That is the kind of help every household could use in these tough times.  

If you own your car outright, you can also refinance it with Carfin.  In this way you can unlock the cash value of your car.  By using this cash to consolidate your debt, you could find some ease till things are looking better.

Durban Car Refinance is available now!

With Carfin, the process to refinance your vehicle is easy.  There are a few qualifying criteria to note at the outset.  Your car must be less than 10 years old, you must earn at least R6500 per month, you must have a South African Identity Book, and a clear credit history.  Complete the easy application form online and before you know, it car refinance in Durban will be yours.

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