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Are you struggling to pay your car payments on time? If you answered yes to this question, then car refinance could be the answer. It happens quickly – you buy an easily affordable car one year and now, a couple of years later you cannot afford the repayments anymore.

Well, then just sell it!

Cars stopped being a luxury a long-time ago. Today, they are a necessity for most people. South Africa’s public transport system is unreliable at best, and hardly anything to write home about. And often, a potential employer won’t hire you if you don’t have your own transport. Talk about a rock and a hard place!
Plus, now you’re married with kids and more than ever you need reliable and affordable transport for just about everything you do in your life. And if you sold the car, you’d probably not make much profit.
The changes you’ll make to your life should you sell your car will likely be absorbed by new costs like, public transport, taxis or Uber. When you factor in the inconvenience, time waiting around and the risk of emergencies with no transport, you may not be saving much money, after all.

Car Refinance is a Better Choice

Car refinance is a better option because it solves problems without too great a sacrifice.
You need to make a smaller monthly car payments and you can achieve that by taking the balance due on your financed car and refinance it for a longer time. Perhaps you originally financed your car for three years and two years have passed. Refinance the balance for five years and you’ll see a significant decrease in your monthly payments. With any luck, you now qualify for a lower interest rate too, saving you even more money when it lowers the payment substantially.


Now each month, after you make your car payment, you will have extra money in your budget.
You will be making your car payments on time and you will have some extra cash each month without sacrificing your car. Not only will you continue to drive it, you will be able to afford to afford it.
Take excellent care of your car; it is an investment after all. When the time comes to buy a new car, your existing car could provide a down payment. The larger the deposit, the smaller your future car loan will be.
Car refinance will help with financial difficulties today. In addition, it may smooth the way for fewer money problems in the future.

Help yourself!

You can arrange for car refinance today as Carfin has financial tools on their website for you to use! It’s quick and easy, just follow the online instructions and find out how much you qualify for to refinance.
With that information and the interest rate, you will have an idea of what your monthly payment will be – and how much you could potentially save.

After you have prequalified yourself, you can make an official application for car refinance online at
You’ll have your answer within minutes! You don’t even have to put pants on or leave the house! Contact Carfin today! They couldn’t make it any easier.

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