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Car refinance could save your life. This may sound a bit dramatic but now that we’ve got your attention, let’s unpack! There are many little niggles we have in our lives: the creaky knees in the morning, the excess flab around our waists, irritable children, annoying co-workers… These are issues we can compartmentalise so that they don’t suck all the joy out of our lives every day.
However, when we have financial problems, it becomes all-consuming and the stress causes health issues too.

Debt Increases Health Risks

Having financial difficulties makes you feel as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders every day, and it drains the colour out of your life every single day. . It can even make you physically and mentally ill.

  • Spousal arguments become more frequent
  • Children develop sadness as the stress draws them in
  • You have to cancel a much-needed holiday
  • You lose sleep, worrying about how you will make ends meet
  • Depression overtakes your joy

Is Car Refinance the Answer to All That Stress?

Depending on your circumstances, car refinance may not be the entire solution, but…


  • It will break the cycle and give you some breathing room in order to start improving your family’s financial health.
  • At its best, car refinance may significantly lower your monthly payment which might be enough to free up the cash you need.
  • Once you can make a smaller car payment on time, other payments are easier to pay when due. This improves your credit rating and lays a foundation for future financial planning.

The process is simple. A car you bought new and financed for 3 years comes with high payments. If you have had it for two years, take the balance due and refinance that amount over the next five years. Your payment will be much smaller and your available cash each month will be greater.

Your Car Can Kill You

The stress of making large monthly payments is not the only way your car can kill you. It is dangerous to you and your family to continue driving a car which is in need of repairs. What else can you do if you do not have the money to pay for those repairs?
Car refinance at Carfin lowers your payments. You can use that cash for necessary repairs:

  • Replace the brakes
  • Fit it with new tyres
  • Get the engine tuned up
  • Adjust the slipping transmission
  • Get a detailed interior and exterior cleaning so you can see out of the windows.

Enjoy the Benefits

Your car will look and feel like new and you will know that it is safe to drive. Your monthly payments will be lower and you’ll have extra cash available each month. It does not get much better than that. Apply for refinance at and see how much you will save, and help stop your financial worries from killing you.

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