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No matter where you live in South Africa, the one thing that really simplifies the process of becoming a vehicle owner is getting car finance. Instead of saving and saving and saving until you can afford to buy a car, you can quickly apply for car finance and drive away in an affordable car in no time at all. The application process is quick and easy ? you can have approval in minutes.

Get In The Driver?s Seat

Car finance is a loan that will allow you to purchase the vehicle you?ve had your eye on. The amount of money a financial institute is willing to loan you depends entirely on your financial history. The better your credit history, the more reliable you are and the more likely you are to get the all-important car finance that will allow you to buy your first car, or upgrade to a better model, or make the shift to a good family car.

Make It Happen!

While your credit history plays a crucial role in obtaining car finance, you also need to earn at least R6500 per month to be eligible for any kind of financial plan. Your ITC record must be completely spotless and if there?s one thing you need to possess, it is a valid RSA ID Book. If you do not have a valid South African ID Book yet, and you plan on purchasing a car, you should apply for one as you will need it

There are a couple of other factors that will help you get car finance. First, you need to ensure that the car you are requesting financial assistance for should not be more than 10-years old. The other factor is that you must have possession of a valid drivers? license. If you check all of these boxes, then there?s nothing to stop you from applying for, and getting, car finance for your dream vehicle.

Financing Or Refinancing

Whether you are in Pretoria or Durban or Bloemfontein or Cape Town, the one thing that never changes is the quality of consulting service you receive from a company like Carfin. Leaders in the car finance industry, Carfin offers a couple of options for you to choose from ? you can choose to finance the car of your dreams or choose to have your current vehicle refinanced. While car financing will give you the cash to buy a car, refinancing is a way for you to lower your existing monthly expenses by consolidating your car debt and utilising a variety of lower monthly instalment or interest options.

If you are interested in finally making that special car yours, contact Carfin.

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