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It is no secret that we as South Africans love our ‘bakkies’. Be it from the trusty Bantam ‘Bakkie’ to your heavy-lifters like Rangers, Hilux and Navara, the ‘Bakkie’ is synonymous with South Africans. We at Carfin were wondering why that is?

Sales of these utility vehicles dominate the sales chart thus far in 2018. Wheels24 did a top 5 purchased vehicles in South Africa since 1 January and the top 2 are 4×4 ‘bakkies’ with the Nissan NP200 coming in 5th! Read the results here: https://www.wheels24.co.za/OffRoad_and_4x4/Bakkie_and_SUV/south-africans-love-affair-with-bakkies-20180605
Our affection for the ‘bakkie’ has remained, through interest rate hikes, fuel increases and other drops in economics. The sheer amount of various Brands, models and price ranges is staggering!

There is really a ‘bakkie’, at an affordable price, for everyone!

So, it really doesn’t matter why we love the ‘bakkie’, it’s not going to change anytime soon, we just want to help you buy that Nissan, Ford, Toyota or Isuzu! Click here to apply online or contact one of our expert consultants if you would like more information.

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