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Restructure your vehicle finance and save your dream. You bought the caravan for the freedom of holidays in your favourite scenic locations. True, money is tight. Some financial experts recommend selling everything you can live without when you have trouble making ends meet. Carfin does not subscribe to that philosophy when it involves vehicles.

Maybe the sell-everything-idea is good if you have a drawer full of expensive jewellery or a storage facility full of unused furniture and appliances. However, when you are talking about a vehicle that has become your favourite possession, Carfin has a better idea. Instead of sacrificing the very reason you look forward to weekends and holidays, just refinance it.

Take the Cash and Keep Your Caravan

When you restructure your vehicle finance, you exchange your current financing agreement for one that is more beneficial to you. If your vehicle is not financed you can take a percentage of the cash value out of it to pay off high interest credit cards and store cards. Instead of those several payments each month, you will have one small vehicle payment.

Alternatively, if your vehicle is financed you can redo the financing so the payment is much smaller each month. Either way, you have extra cash each month and you continue enjoying your caravan. The process is quick and easy. The prequalification, application and approval process is completed electronically on Carfin’s website.

Restructure Your Vehicle Finance

Living expenses in South Africa are putting a squeeze on many residents. We all look forward to an improved economy. However, until that happens, we need to find innovative ways to protect our quality of life. Caravanning is a favoured way to see our beautiful country and has been throughout history. With over 700 caravan and camping resorts to choose from, there is always something new to see and do. It is likely the most economical holiday for families. The kids have fun and it is easy to add a bit of natural and earth science to the mix. Do not give it up. Restructure your vehicle finance with South Africa’s # 1 solution, Carfin.

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