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Think Freedom – Think Bike

Generally when the word “motorbike” is said in conversation you get two general opinions. On the one side you get the people that think they’re unsafe and then you get the folks that immediately feel that slight spike in adrenaline and excitement. The feeling of freedom, power and the rush of not having to worry […]

Junior Wants A Bike For Christmas

When you’re looking for a perfect Christmas present, Johannesburg bike finance can help you buy the gift that will really bring a smile to your son or daughter’s face. Let’s face it, as our children get older finding an ideal present for them gets more and more difficult. Just because they’ve reached their late teens […]

Touring The Cape By Bike

Are you looking for bike finance in Cape Town so that you can tour the Cape? If you’re from up-country, the best bit about owning a motorcycle, especially a big cruiser, is heading down to the Cape for a taste of freedom and adventure. The Cape Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places you […]

No More Lift Clubs!

If you are desperate for your own wheels, affordable bike finance in Cape Town may just be the answer to your prayers. Money is a resource that is in short supply for most students and young adults just starting out in the working world. Many will have to rely on lift clubs to get to […]

Trick Bike! Can I Have It?

Do you dream about trick jumps and bagging air? If the answer is yes, you must be a Freestyle Motocross fan or would-be competitor. From the Red Bull X-Fighters and X-Games to the Gravity Games, the extreme nature of Freestyle Motocross captures the imagination of bikers and spectators alike. If you?re looking to join the […]

The Joy Of The Open Road

Why do people bike rather than just drive? If you have ever biked on an open road with your favourite gang, you would never ever ask that question. It?s an experience like no other. Like Robert Pirsig said in his book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, ?You are in the scene, not watching […]

Buy Your Dream Bike

You’ve seen a bike that you like and want to own, but there’s a small question lurking at the back of your mind: Will I be able to get bike finance in Cape Town? And that’s natural for any wannabe bike owner, for you can like and want a bike as badly as you may […]

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