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How Will Vehicle Refinancing Help?

Over the last financial year, there have been increasing sales of motor vehicles in South Africa, making vehicle financing and vehicle refinancing popular. This is good news for all vehicle dealers and agents who are in the business of selling vehicles, and also for vehicle financing and vehicle refinancing solution providers such as Carfin who […]

Does Your Expanding Company Need More Delivery Vehicles?

Are you looking for Durban vehicle finance to extend your company’s reach? Expanding your business’ delivery service is a conscious and careful business decision that requires a lot of planning and support. Do you remember how, right at the beginning when you started your business, you followed a research process before jumping into it? Expansion […]

Pass Matric And Get Wheels

The matric class of 2015 is in the final stretch of its school career and with over 150 000 learners sitting exams in Gauteng alone, there are going to be any young adults looking for vehicle finance in Johannesburg. The good news for students is that securing finance for your very first set of wheels […]

Isn’t It Time You Got Your Own Set Of Wheels?

Getting out and about in the most densely populated city in South Africa is no joke, but it is possible with the personal car finance options offered in Johannesburg. Approach Carfin to secure your own set of wheels and realise the convenience of travelling about as and when it suits you. Johannesburg is listed as […]

No More Lift Clubs!

If you are desperate for your own wheels, affordable bike finance in Cape Town may just be the answer to your prayers. Money is a resource that is in short supply for most students and young adults just starting out in the working world. Many will have to rely on lift clubs to get to […]

A New Car For Christmas? Make It Happen!

With the festive season just around the corner, now is the right time to make your Christmas wishes come true with car finance in Durban. Quit dreaming about spoiling yourself; take action today and get behind the wheel of that lovely new vehicle you?ve been eyeing with the various vehicle finance solutions provided by Carfin. […]

Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Durban? Get Car Finance Anywhere.

No matter where you live in South Africa, the one thing that really simplifies the process of becoming a vehicle owner is getting car finance. Instead of saving and saving and saving until you can afford to buy a car, you can quickly apply for car finance and drive away in an affordable car in […]

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