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In the year 1940, Henry Ford, who founded the Ford Motor Company, had predicted that flying cars would be a reality. It’s been 75 years since then and, while flying cars have indeed become a reality, the fact remains that a viable vehicle that can cater to the general public has yet to be put into production. Flying cars have been around for a while; the first such vehicle was ready in 1949, just 9 years after Ford’s prediction. However, the car, designed by Moulton Taylor looked more like a mini airplane than a car. Over time, a number of concept cars have come out and the latest among them is the updated Terrafugia TF-X.

About the Terrafugia TF-X

First announced in 2013, the Terrafugia TF-X is a four seater flying car. Very recently, Terrafugia, the company which aims to make flying cars available to everybody, has released an updated version of the TF-X, which Terrafugia aims to begin selling sometime during the early part of the third decade of this millennium.

The TF-X has a design that makes it possible for it to be comfortably kept inside a regular garage. The wings of the TF-X fold out when needed. The car is a hybrid vehicle in that it uses both electrical energy and just good old petrol as fuel. The latest version of the vehicle has a much sleeker body than the one first showcased. The updated TF-X will be tested, according to Terrafugia, at MIT’s Wright Brothers wind tunnel. The vehicle is expected to provide a flying range of over 500 miles and to cruise at a speed 200 miles per hour (equivalent to 322 km per hour).

The TF-X, unlike the Terrafugia Transition (Terrafugia’s first flying car), has the ability to take off as well as land vertically; the Transition needs a runway. The catch here is that for taking off, the vehicle will need a level clearing having a diameter of at least 100 feet (about 30 meters). While the TF-X will have the ability to land on its own, just as it can take off by itself, the ‘pilot’ will be the one deciding whether or not it would be safe to land in any particular place. A few seconds after the vehicle lands, its wings will fold back in and the car will be ready for on-road driving. The company is aiming to build a vehicle that is easy to learn to use and to operate.

Whether or not the TF-X will be available in the time frame that the company has stated remains to be seen; after all, the Transition was supposed to have been available by 2015-2016. But, whenever the TF-X will be put into production, you can be quite certain that there will be new car financing deals brought out specifically for the flying car in order to make it accessible to as many people as possible. In the meantime, if you are interested in buying car finance, then Carfin can help you.

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