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Caravan finance in Cape Town can unlock the door to a great new life of convenience, fun, and adventure. Caravanning is the best family and friends holiday ever and it’s easy to understand why it’s fast becoming of South Africa’s favourite past time.

We all have to watch our spending in today’s economic climate, which is why lots of people are now foregoing their holidays overseas in favour of holidaying at home. And owning a caravan means only paying campsite fees instead of hotel fees – a huge saving indeed.

It might be called a “stay-cation” but staying on SA shores doesn’t mean you’re missing out. South Africa is spectacularly beautiful and offers so many wonderful areas to explore. When you caravan, the world is your oyster and you can literally go anywhere, anytime.

If you dream of owning a caravan here are three tips on caravan finance in Cape Town and beyond that can make your dream come true. Get your caravan today

1. Talk To The Experts In Caravan Finance

When looking to finance any vehicle, it pays to talk to people who are specialists in the area. After all, there are lots of finance providers in South Africa today but many of them are likely to turn you away unless you’re looking to buy a car or a motorbike. Even if you’re lucky enough to receive an offer, it could be at a rate that’s much higher than you were hoping for. But it doesn’t have to be like that…

Carfin not only finances cars and bikes, we provide finance for caravans too. We are experts in the caravan-finance field and we can therefore answer all your questions and get you the best possible deal based upon your own personal situation.

2. Decide Which Finance Package Is Right For You

Getting caravan finance can be confusing, unless you deal with caravan specialists like Carfin. Caravan financing is the unicorn of all vehicle of financing and Carfin has the magic and we do our best to make it as simple as possible too. For example, you’ll need to decide whether to sign a standard hire purchase or residual purchase agreement. In the former, you make regular monthly payments and at the end of the fixed term the caravan is yours to do with as you please. A residual purchase agreement means that a larger payment, known as a balloon payment, is taken at the end of the loan period. Which is best for you depends upon your circumstances, and we’re always happy to discuss this openly and find the best deal for you. Apply now!

3. Shop For The Best Interest Rate

It may be tempting to use your regular bank when applying for caravan finance in Cape Town, but this could be a costly mistake. Even if they offer you a deal on caravan finance their rates may very well be far from competitive.

Carfin takes pride in offering the best rates for people looking to finance a caravan, meaning that you and your loved ones could be taking a holiday in your new caravan sooner than you think. Find out more at

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