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How do you know when it is time to restructure your vehicle finance in Gauteng?  Here is the first clue; you have more money going out in expenses each month than you have coming in. Additional clues might include calls from debt collectors, sleepless nights and applying for a second job since you can’t sleep anyway.

When you restructure your vehicle finance, you end up with additional money each month that you can use to pay other debts. If debt collectors are calling then your good credit rating is at risk. It is time to refinance before that happens. Protecting your credit rating is critical to your future. Before your creditors trash it, find a way to stay current or pay off your credit cards.

Your Credit Rating May Benefit From Vehicle Finance Restructure

For South Africans, vehicle refinance is a way of restructuring your debt. You may owe monthly payments to credit card companies and department stores. You have never had problems keeping them up to date. Lately, with the cost of normal living expenses inching up you realise that you have less and less each month to pay toward debt. It seems sudden, but your usual timely payments are slipping a little. You want to resolve this monthly shortfall as quickly as possible.  Take the balance, if there is one, that is still owed on your car and refinance that amount over a couple of more years. That will lower your monthly payment for the car. The difference in payment amounts may surprise you.

Vehicle Refinance in Gauteng is the Solution

You do not want creditors calling or your credit score to suffer. However, not having enough money for a thing or two you enjoy each month is depressing as well. So maybe this is a good time to refinance your vehicle and give yourself some breathing room.  

You can pre-qualify for vehicle refinance on Carfin’s website. If that works for you then scroll to the online application. All the tools and information you need are there in one place. It is all very convenient.

However, if you prefer to call and speak directly with a refinance counsellor on the phone or in person, that information is available as well, Carfin leads the way in solutions for vehicle refinance in Gauteng and all of  South Africa.  

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