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Do you qualify for vehicle finance in Durban? Wouldn?t it be great to be able to get about independently, and not have to rely on taxis or friends and family for lifts. Imagine how your life would change! No more hanging around, waiting for your ride. And on the weekend, you could go out of town if you fancied a drive.

Focus on Vehicle Finance in Durban

There are many ways to check whether you?re eligible for vehicle finance in Durban. We recommend doing a quick calculation on an online finance calculator like the one found on the Carfin website. This will help you determine whether you can afford the monthly instalments. The beauty is that you can work these things out without someone breathing down your neck, or pressing you for commitment. Once you are ready to take it further, then you can contact Carfin for a custom designed vehicle finance deal.

At Carfin, we?ll recommend a vehicle finance solution that will meet your requirements and allow you to get the vehicle that you want, sooner rather than later. You?ll get the best deal ? and we?ll do all the hard work of finding the best vehicle finance in Durban for you.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Our team of professionals at Carfin will help you get vehicle finance in Durban ? without unnecessary paperwork. However, doing some homework could be helpful in order to avoid common pitfalls. Remember these 4 tips when you?re shopping for vehicle finance in Durban:

  1. Check your credit rating before you apply for a vehicle financing. This score affects your interest rate, so you may have to improve it before you start shopping for a new vehicle.
  2. A better interest rate can help you save thousands of rands over the life of the vehicle loan. Compare different deals and consider cons and pros of each one. Carfin managers are trained to find the best vehicle finance in Durban, so contact us today.
  3. Obviously, you should study the contracts in the dealership carefully before signing or else you might purchase something that you do not really need at the moment. Would you like to get an extended warranty? If the answer is no, ask the sales person to remove those extra fees.
  4. Stay within your budget. You don?t want to overspend and land up in hot water. Have you taken all your monthly expenses into account when calculating the monthly instalment? Make a list of all your monthly expenses, in order of priority. This will help you to avoid the temptation of spending more than you can actually afford.

If you feel out of your comfort zone searching for vehicle finance solutions in Durban, you are welcome to contact the experts at Carfin. We will provide you with all the information and support that you need.

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