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Many South Africans considering vehicle refinance may be unsure about whether they qualify. They also have no idea how much lower their monthly payment would be. You could make the effort of going into a lending establishment and filling in a long refinance application. Your application might be accepted. However, you will never know if you got the best deal. You have to repeat the exercise with several other lenders to find the best refinance for you. Even worse, the lender denies your application. That is so demoralising; if this happens you may not even want to seek out other lenders. It is a tough financial world filled with rejection and fluctuating interest rates. How can you know whom to trust?

Trust The Leader

Carfin Group is the South African leader of refinance solutions. Their company is a member of the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and the Financial Services Board (FSB). Affiliations with multiple banks enables efficiency in their transactions.

You will not have to go from lender to lender either. All you have to do is go to Carfin’s website. There you will find a financial calculator that will help you prequalify yourself before you apply for refinancing. Use the calculators to work out where you stand:

  1. First, the calculator figures your new monthly payment for the amount you need to refinance. By extending the length of the agreement, you lower your monthly payment.
  2. The second thing you can do with the calculator is discover how much you can afford to refinance based on your monthly income.   

Apply Online for Vehicle Refinance in South Africa

If your prequalifying results are good, then go to Carfin’s application on their website. You can fill it out and submit it electronically. If you have questions during the process just call on their representatives and they will help you. The phone number is right there. Make sure you have your current car finance numbers when refinancing as well as your RSA ID Book.

You will get a fast response to your application. You have nothing to lose so if you want extra money in your pocket each month, go for it. Give it your best shot from the comfort of your own computer.  It is the best no-hassle way to apply for vehicle refinance in South Africa.

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