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You could restructure your vehicle finance to pay for a holiday. Some might think that is a frivolous statement. In truth, it is not frivolous at all. South African car owners may derive greater benefits from a holiday than using the money elsewhere. That is especially true for those responsible, hardworking people raising families and paying their bills on time.

With the economy as it is these days, holiday funds land at the bottom. Money never seems to trickle down that far before other needs absorb it. After two or three years, the idea of a vacation has no place in the budget or your plans. You can stoically push on living holiday-free, but your health may suffer.

Holidays Are Not A Luxury

Are you one who would never consider holiday expenses a reason to restructure your vehicle finance? If you were suffering from stress-related illnesses like heart disease and depression, you would spend the money on treatment. Medical science has proven the need for holidays to prevent serious illness.

When you do not sleep well and have trouble focusing on your work, your body may be screaming for a break from the routine. Some believe that stress-related adrenal dysfunction, which alters your immune system, puts you at risk of illness. Do you find you are getting more frequent colds and flu? Holidays relieve stress. That is why we need them to stay healthy. Family bonding is another important reason that holidays are priceless because they help build strong families.

A Good Reason To Restructure Your Vehicle Finance

The Carfin Group is South Africa’s leading solution for vehicle finance restructure. You have equity in your vehicle. Carfin will show you how to use that money to your benefit. No one is suggesting that you make another monthly bill by using a credit card or borrowing money to pay for your holiday. When you refinance your vehicle, you are using your own money and lowering your monthly payment at the same time. The difference between your old payment and your new will help build a vacation fund. For South Africans, a valid solution to preventing illness while strengthening your family is to restructure your vehicle finance with Carfin.

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