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South African parents, you have good reason to restructure your vehicle finance. Your reason is standing before you, exuding enthusiasm for adding an honour year to their university plans. You believed it would be over in three years and you have been counting down the days. However, when your child shows such ambition and desire to excel you cannot say “no” to them. Therefore, you throw your support behind them and tell them to go for it! You do not tell them you have no clue where the money will come from to pay for it. Right now, you are just hoping you can find a workable solution before you need the money.

Consider Your Assets

One good solution is to restructure your vehicle finance. You can lower the payments on your existing finance agreement. This way, you will have extra cash available to put toward tuition.

Do not lose any sleep over this. Your child’s education is a worthy investment. After all, who else will take care of you in your old age? The more education they receive the more successful they can become. That means you will get better care. Everybody wins! You do not want to take out an unsecured loan to pay the tuition. That just adds additional financial burden. Use the assets you already have to close the gap.

Restructure Your Vehicle Finance!

You can restructure the finance of any vehicle. Take the equity from your car, motorcycle or caravan. When an important expense like tertiary tuition arises, Carfin Group has the solution. They pioneered refinancing in South Africa and they have refined the process to make it simple. You can do the whole application on Carfin’s website. Their associates will find the best deal for you based on your application. It takes only minutes to get a response after you apply. If you have a vehicle less than ten years old, a valid driver’s license and earn at least R6500.00 per month, apply on line. Carfin offers excellent solutions to restructure your vehicle finance.  

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