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Car Finance & Vehicle Finance Solutions in
South Africa

Welcome to Carfin! Offering Car Finance and Vehicle Finance Solutions. At Carfin, we are the leaders in vehicle finance and vehicle refinance solutions. Click the button below to apply for car finance.

Why Carfin?

Vehicle Finance Solutions

Carfin offers two types of car finance and vehicle finance solutions along with pioneered vehicle refinancing in South Africa. We’re South Africa’s #1 independent vehicle finance provider and we offer vehicle refinancing too.


Vehicle Finance
Vehicle finance allows you the option of driving the car of your dreams without having to have or save the entire purchase price. As long as you meet the criteria set out for finance application in SA, we can facilitate your finance from the available banks. Our consultants work diligently to get you the car finance deal possible and dodoes all the leg work for you! Never stand in a queue again…
Vehicle Refinancing
Vehicle Refinancing is an attractive option for anyone looking to decrease their monthly expenses. If you’ve already paid back a reasonable amount of your vehicles original finance (or own your car) refinancing can put cash in your pocket. Refinancing works for anyone looking to unlock cash value from their vehicles, consolidate personal debts or reduce their monthly expenses.
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Bike & Caravan Finance
We now provide you with financing options for Bikes and Caravans.

Call us on 0861 227 346.

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Bike & Caravan Finance
We now provide you with financing options for Bikes and Caravans. Call us on 0861 227 346.

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We’re SA’s #1
We’re SA’s #1 independent vehicle finance solutions provider.
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Before applying for personal vehicle finance
There are a few criteria you need to bear in mind.

1. The vehicle must be less than 10 years old.
2. You must earn more than R6,500.00 per month.
3. You must have a clear ITC record.
4. You should be in possession of a valid RSA ID Book.
5. Must be in possession of a valid drivers license.

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